Suburb Profiles

Shoalhaven Heads

Just 10 minutes south of Gerringong/Gerroa and 10 minutes east from Berry, Shoalhaven Heads is one of the best kept secrets on the South Coast.

It is located on the southern end of the famous "Seven Mile" Beach and is bordered by the Shoalhaven River.  For those who enjoy the water, there is access to both the ocean and the beautiful Shoalhaven River with endless boating, fishing, swimming, skiing, rowing, surfing, kite surfing and other water sports to enjoy.  It is a great beach to take a walk with friends. It is pet friendly so feel free to bring your dog.  Walk for 10 minutes and you will generally find that you have the beach to yourself!

A community minded town, there are wonderful opportunites to mix and mingle.  Vineyards to visit, a bowling club, lifesaving club, golf courses, a hotel with beautiful views over the Shoalhaven River, soccer/football club, fishing club, PROBUS and numerous other sporting clubs and groups to join.

The Shoalhaven Heads Golf Club gets a special mention as it typifies the community spirit of this town.  Starting off as a little 3 hole course in the 80's, it is now a beautiful all weather 18 hole course due to an incredible amount of hard work from the club members. 

The local Shoalhaven Heads Public School caters for Kindergarten to Year 6 and celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2011.  With approx 170 students, it is the kind of school where the teachers know all the students personally and there is lots of interaction between the various age groups - something that is rare in bigger metropolitan schools.  

The Jerry Bailey Children Centre is a fantastic day care/preschool centre that caters for the younger children and gives them a great place to make new friends.

Holiday accommodation ranges from caravan parks for camping and vans to luxurious self contained waterfront houses. Surrounded by mountain ranges and farmland, Shoalhaven Heads really is worth a visit, be for a day or for a sea change.
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